“Like a rolling thunder chasing the wind.”

The World of Greyhawk is a fictional world designed as a campaign setting for the dd-logo.png fantasy roleplaying game. Although not the first campaign world developed, this was the setting most closely identified with the development of the game from 1972 until 2008.

Players may create characters using the Pathfinder-Logo.png core rules and the following guidelines presented in the Character Creation Wiki.

As you play adventures, your character earns experience points, gold, and magic items.

The campaign began in the year 591 CY.
Our heroes escaped The Calling Mines in the United Kingdom of Ahlissa, only to be brought into the complex war of rebellion in the recently liberated state of Onnwal. Here, the heroes were able to bring the traitorous Rohal Soldas to justice, but at what cost?

The current campaign year is 592 CY.

A crazed castaway, a lost dwarf, and an imprisoned paladin. What a way to start the year.