Cordo Larissian

"Mother Larissian did always say gambling would be the end of me."


Cordo’s early years are obscured by history and his own fabrications. He was originally from the Amedio Jungle, leaving him with a hint of a Sueloise accent thanks to the Suel settlers of that region.

His own memories pointed to his having a stable family life until at least the age of twelve, and he had a vivid enough memory of his mother to recall her ability to memorize hundreds of songs and poems. Cordo also had enough of a recollection of his father to remember a bit of advice given by him, “You can’t think deeper than your pockets.” He may have had at least one brother, as evidenced by his thinking of himself as his mother’s “favorite son.”

At the age of three, Cordo and his mother visited Greyhawk City, the young Cordo stopped to listen to a troupe of bards and lost his mother in the crowd. Frightened, he wandered through the crowded streets of the city for hours until he found her. This event left a deep impression on him. By the age of twelve, Cordo had already learned to play Three Dragon Ante; once, he was able to talk a group of gamblers into letting him participate in a tournament at a local tavern. Lying to his parents, he ducked schooling and entered the competition.

Cordo’s occupations in his youth were broad, diverse, and temporary, as he was at various times a gambler, rogue, smuggler, mercenary, and con artist. The earliest reliable account of his life was when Cordo was around the age of twenty-two. Already a professional gambler, Cordo won a battered barge called the Aeon Hawk in a high stakes game of Three Dragon Ante from a man named Zzyzx , who was also a gambler. Cordo won with high-value Strength Flight, one of the best possible hands in the game.

He now travels between free and occupied Onnwal smuggling supplies and secrets, but his loyalty comes at a price.

Cordo Larissian

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