Elyssia’ s family and clan was a cluster of Rhennee people that splintered off after embracing the teachings and power of Evening Glory. For years, they resided in solitude in the Valley of the Mage. Despite pursuing undeath, the commune was left alone since due to their peaceful behavior and confining themselves to their little corner of the Vale. The commune itself adapted some Elven ascetics and naming into their own due to their close proximity to the Elves in the Vale. Nightshade is considered to be symbol of binding love and ingesting the berries is used as the first step when a loving couple decides to finally take the step to being together in undeath.

Elyssia (Nadya Sírhalom)

Elyssia was born stillborn and her parents attempted to appeal the high priestess in the hopes of bringing her back to life. The high priestess was conflicted since preserving love via undeath is a part of Evening Glory’s teaches but bringing an infant into undeath that had not even had its first breath of life was not something she was willing to undertake nor would raising the infant seemed possible. It the midst of their arguing and pleading, Elyssia came back to life and took her first breath. The spontaneous resurrection was viewed as a blessing of Evening Glory herself which becomes the basis for her public name, “Elyssia”, meaning “Blessed”. For the majority of her life, Elyssia displayed no extraordinary abilities and enjoyed being around her parents and uncle, Eszes Vallalo. There were moments of unease when she kept getting the feeling of her parents looking at her like they were waiting for something to happen. She was 16 when Eszes died and couldn’t stand the possibility of him not being brought into undeath due to not finding love. The massive amount of emotion from that and never being told how he died caused Elyssia to release a powerful necrotic energy pulse that almost raised Eszes but failed because of her lack of control and lack of knowledge of how to create undead. The High Priestess catches wind of this and offers to guide her in the ways of necromancy. After a few years of learning how to control her power, Elyssia had the desire to go out into the world and spread Evening Glory’s love to the rest of Greyhawk (but not in an “I will make everyone undead” way but in an “All you need is love” way). She also had an ulterior motive of helping her uncle find love.


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