"There is another way out – it is a secret way but I can tell you where it is; a terrible creature of shadow and madness guards it."


Fonkin is an extremely thin, emaciated gnome of advanced years. His back is crisscrossed with whip marks and one of his hands is little more than a bloody stump – crushed as it was in an accident years ago. His once fair hair is wildly unkempt and his beard ragged.

Fonkin is charged with bringing the miners and their guards their rations and the supply of candles that allows the miners to work.


Fonkin is mad. He mutters to himself in a strange high-pitched voice and has several disconcerting facial tics. He is a schizoid – the mines have long since claimed any personality of his own; although mad, he does know much about the layout of the mines.
Fonkin has learned that in order to survive he must ingratiate himself with those in power. Thus, after a few seconds of talking to a PC he will start to mimic their behavior in an attempt to carry favor with those he views as more powerful than himself.


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