"Boss" Gavran

"Winning doesn't really matter, as long as you win."


A tall Oeridian man with an aggressive and intimidating demeanor. Gavran wears finely crafted studded leather armor that he boasts he “won” from single-handedly killing a Scarlet Brotherhood Assassin.

After being raised from his execution, he has developed a permanent purple-ish bruise around his neck.


Growing up on the streets of Scant, he survived by bullying others. Using his skills to great purpose, he ascended in rank to the role of boss of a local street gang known as “The Crazies” before swearing allegiance to “The Wreckers” thieves guild. After war broke out, he was placed in charge of an elite guerilla squad known for their brutality, and ruthless efficiency. Gavran is currently stationed in Sornhill and is “commander” of all Wreckers garrisoned there, despite his lack of rank and title. Harraz Skullsplitter is the only man in Sornhill that can keep Gavran in line; some suspect that this is because he respects the man, others say it is out of fear.

A common technique Gavran is known for is grabbing his opponent’s balls during a fight.

Was executed for War Crimes.

Was resurrected by The Slavelords/Scarlet Brotherhood.

"Boss" Gavran

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