Loner Ranger Dwarf rasied by Elves


Elven Dwarf Ranger


Was traveling with parents in old sister’s wedding party from Iron Hills to a member of the royal family in principality of Ulek
• Sailed by Ship, which came a ground in the borders Pomarja-family tracked across land – hunted by Orcs
• They were attacked along the board of the Wild cost and Pomarja- Sole survivor as he was child and hidden amongst the wreckage. Scared along the face
• Found by a elven party that repelled the orc from the area
• Raised by elves as they did not know to whom to return him too.
• The wealth of the wedding party that survived was put away for the orphan dwarf
• Learned from adopted mother Ranger and Druid skills
• Alienated/Bullied by younger elves for being different

Is a prospect for the order of Ranger of the Gnarley forest and seeks any chance to Kill Orcs
Patrols the board of Pomarja for anyone who needs rescue
• Hates bullies,
• loner due to scare and poor social skills
• Oddity amongst Dwarves & Elves
• Very poor tempered
• Prefers animals to humanoids
• Fights with two elven blades
• Wears a mask in civilized places


Lightning Crashes knightkhan