Lord of the trading village of Ul Bakak


Approaching fifty, Kumhaik is nevertheless in incredible condition for his age. A bandy-legged warrior of Flannish extraction he wears his greasy black hair under his keffiyeh. His eyes are similarly dark; being a dark brown in hue and his skin (a legacy of a hard life) is deeply burnt, resembling parched leather.


Kumhaik is a dour individual who deals with all he meets in an honest and forthright fashion. A veteran of almost three decades of the violence and double-dealings endemic to the region he takes nothing at face value and is a difficult man to get to know. Kumhaik is an implacable foe to those who have broken the laws of Ul Bakak. A devout follower of Obaad-Hai, Kumhaik believes that he is carrying out the will of the Lord of the Wild in protecting the sacred land upon which Il Bakak stands. His name and reputation for honesty is legendary around desert campfires throughout the Bright Lands.


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