Rohal Soldas

Hero of The Scarlet Brotherhood; Traitor to Onnwal.


Slight of build, Rohal stands only 5 feet and 10 inches tall. Although physically strong, his true strengths are his speed, intelligence, and good looks. His eyes are pale blue, and his hair is that of a typical Suel-descendant – red. Slightly tanned, he has a charming smile, but keen observers will note that this smile never reaches his eyes. He is rarely encountered without his trademark rapier, which he is well practiced.


Little, if anything is known of his early life. As mayor of Sornhill, he admitted an advance force of Brotherhood troops into Duke Relaster’s tower, resulting in the capture of the Duke and most of his immediate family. When Brotherhood ships were sighted the next morning, Soldas ordered the surrender of the town in the name of the now deposed Duke. Soldas went on to become the advisor to the Kesh of Sornhill.

Rohal Soldas

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