Apprentice Chapbook Of Thul Raven

A Beginner's Spellbook


This slim book is carefully, but amateurishly bound, with leather stretched tight across thin boards. A portrait of a plain woman, unsmiling, has been bound into the inside front cover. The writing inside is fussy and crammed together, with words that are occasionally illegible. The works within detail the basic principles of spell casting, and may ultimately function as a primer for learning the arcane arts.

Eight of its pages contain spells; the final 10 pages are blank.

1st—comprehend languages, detect secret doors, detect undead, identify, mage armor, magic missile, protection from evil, protection from law

As per a standard spellbook, this tome includes all cantrips from the Core Rulebook; the previous owner was obviously a Generalist.

Opposition schools: None

Value 195 gp


Found deep beneath The Calling Mines, the owner of this book was obviously an apprentice wizard in over his head when he took up an adventuring career.

Apprentice Chapbook Of Thul Raven

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