Crimson Book Of Flame


The leather wrapping of this book is of an indeterminate type, and gives off a faint and unpleasant scent, as of charred meat. The writing inside is in a jagged hand, and many notes on the ash-smudged pages indicate its previous owner sought ever more damaging magic. A glittering rune in the cover’s center is shaped like a large eye.

A small lock (DC 25) prevents the book from being opened easily.

3rd—fireball, lightning bolt
2nd—acid arrow, darkness, ghoul touch, gust of wind
1st—burning hands, color spray, corrosive touch [APG], hydraulic push [APG], hypnotism, magic missile, ray of enfeeblement, shocking grasp

Includes all cantrips from the Core Rulebook except those in the wizard’s oppositional schools.

Oppositional schools: Divination, Transmutation

Value 535 gp


The previous owner was a member of The Scarlet Brotherhood and learned to cast spells both of an arcane and divine origin. The book and key were both found near his crushed remains in the temple below the sewers of Tessak’s Cove.

Crimson Book Of Flame

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