Dwarven Scale Mail

Ancient Dwarven Elysian Bronze Armor


This fine piece of dwarven craftsmanship is made with Elysian Bronze

Armor made of Elysian Bronze also protects its wearer against the natural weapons or unarmed strikes of magical beasts and monstrous humanoids, providing damage reduction as if it were adamantine (1/— for light armor, 2/— for medium armor, or 3/— for heavy armor). It does not provide this protection against creatures of other types. Elysian bronze has the same hit points and hardness as steel.

Medium Armor AC Bonus Max DEX Armor Penalty Spell Failure Weight Special
Scale Mail +5 +4 -2 20% 35 lbs. DR 2/—

First crafted in the deeps of time by the titans and bestowed as gifts to monster-slaying heroes among the lesser races, Elysian bronze retains the brazen coloration of its namesake but is as hard as steel.

A small stamp on one of the scales near the right arm depicts a crossed battleaxe and warhammer. The crossed battleaxe and warhammer is the mark of Glorvardum, a dwarvish nation claiming the central portions of the Gloriole Mountains.

This armor was recovered from the body of a long fallen Dwarf from deep below The Calling Mines.

The once damaged armor was repaired in Sornhill for a fair price and a promise of service one day in the future.

Dwarven Scale Mail

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