333 Gems Of Tharizdun

Concentric banding of different colors in a circular pattern, and a combination of translucent agates in a purplish rose gray and dark black brown center make up this stone


One stone is currently in possession of the party.
Holding the stone grants the wearer one temporary HP, but at a price. The stone twists and corrupts the user in mysterious and unknown ways.

This item radiates Evil.


Tharizdun has many known artifacts. “One” that is known is actually many: a collection of gems known as the 333 Gems of Tharizdun. Forged by an unknown source, these gems are said to be the key to freeing the Dark God from his prison. Legend has it that the clerics of Tharizdun began to pilfer his hoard of beautiful gems when all attempts to resurrect the God failed; 333 gems of utmost value, ranging in worth from 5,000 to 50,000 gold pieces each. They replaced these jewels with stones of much less value, then the former servants of this deity slipped away with their great wealth to serve other gods and wreak evil elsewhere.

333 Gems Of Tharizdun

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