Insights of Far-Seeing


The cover of this book is of a shimmering and unearthly blue leather, and the spine is built of spun silver wire. The book is chilly to the touch, and staring at it induces minor vertigo.

Protection Sepia snake sigil (Reflex DC 16)

5th—contact other plane, life bubble, overland flight, summon monster V, teleport
4th—acid pit, black tentacles, dimensional anchor, lesser geas, phantasmal killer, solid fog, summon monster IV
3rd—gaseous form, greater magic weapon, magic circle against evil, sepia snake sigil, spiked pit, stinking cloud, summon monster III, tiny hut
2nd—arrow eruption, daze monster, dust of twilight, fantastic reach, glitterdust, metabolize, shatter, stone call, summon monster II
1st—comprehend languages, disguise self, jump, mage armor, magic aura, mount, sleep, stumble gap, summon monster I, unseen servant

Includes all cantrips from the Core Rulebook except those in the wizard’s oppositional schools.

Opposition schools Divination, Necromancy

Value 6,475 gp


The previous owner was a member of The Scarlet Brotherhood whom terrorized the city of Killdeer with all manner of summoned beats.

Insights of Far-Seeing

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