Mage's Bane +2/+4

A phurba is an exotic ritual dagger used to conquer evil spirits and to destroy obstacles. The end of the phurba is pointed but not sharp

weapon (melee)

Aura: moderate conjuration; CL: 8th; Weight: 0.5lbs.

A complex process involving metallurgy and alchemy can bond silver to a weapon made of steel so that it bypasses the damage reduction of creatures such as lycanthropes.

On a successful attack with this silvered weapon, the wielder takes a –1 penalty on the damage roll (with a minimum of 1 point of damage).

A bane weapon excels against certain foes (Arcane Spellcasters). Against that designated foe, the weapon’s enhancement bonus is +2 better than its actual bonus. It also deals an extra 2d6 points of damage against such foes.

Exotic Light Melee Weapon Dmg (M) Critical Range Weight Type Special
Ritual Dagger 1d4 19-20/ ×2 0.5 lbs. P Deadly, Monk

The three-sided style of the phurba comes from an ancient tool used to pin down sacrifices. The phurba has three segments on its blade. The three segments represent the power of the phurba to transform negative energies. These energies are known as the three poisons, and are attachment, ignorance, and aversion. The three sides of the phurba also represent the three spirit worlds, and the phurba itself represents the axis of the three spirit worlds. The phurba brings the three spirit worlds together. The handle of the phurba represents wisdom, while the blade represents method.

Phur” means peg or nail in baklunish. Because the bakluni have always been a nomadic culture, the tent is an important part of their lives, and placing the tent pegs into the ground is always seen as sacrificing the ground. The shape of the phurba may have come from the stake used to hold down tents.

Mage's Bane +2/+4

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