The White Bow Of Tarnedas

This weapon crackles with dancing lightning

weapon (ranged)

These White Bows are finely crafted from supple white wood; the staves are carved with images of birds in flight and the winged bowman symbol of Phaulkon. They acts as a normal bow of its type, but in the hands of one who has not taken the Leap of Faith they cannot be fired – the bow string always snaps in the clumsy hands of the uninitiated.

Currently this Longbow has the following properties:

+1 Enhancement with the Shock property.


For undertaking the “Leap of Faith” you have been given a White Bow of Tarnedas. Only the most experienced followers of the Path of the Talon know the secret to making these bows. But through your dedication and efforts in fighting the Scarlet Brotherhood, this bow may receive additional enchantments (these enchantments require expensive offerings be made to the Far Reacher.)

The White Bow Of Tarnedas

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