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  • +1 Cold Iron Spear

    The shaft of this antiquated weapon is constructed out of a heavy, black colored wood that has resisted the affects of aging remarkably well. About the last half-foot of the shaft is actually a polished and carved length of horn. The carvings upon it show …

  • The White Bow Of Tarnedas

    For undertaking the "Leap of Faith" you have been given a White Bow of Tarnedas. Only the most experienced followers of the Path of the Talon know the secret to making these bows. But through your dedication and efforts in fighting the Scarlet …

  • Blade Of The Headlands

    This blade is one of the few rare blades that were forged by the Dwur (dwarven) smiths in the service of Jascar and Fortubo during the Suel Invasion. Originally intended to drive out the Onnwi (a Suel tribe) out of the Headlands, the swords have been …

  • Osprem's Promise +2

    Awarded to [[:atticus | Atticus]] for his services in bringing the infamous [[:rohal-soldas | Rohal Soldas]] to justice. The sword is named after the Patron Goddess of Sornhill.

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