Hardby (also known as the “City of the Scorned”) is a city in the Central Flanaess, in what is now known as the Domain of Greyhawk.


Hardby was founded in -278 CY by Ena Norbe, a Safeton wizard of Suel extraction who established the town (originally known as Norbe Harbor) as a gynarchy, to be forever ruled by women. The town has only ever had one official male ruler, Zagig Yragerne, who ruled as Despot from 339 to 351 CY. The town has been ruled by the City of Greyhawk since 582 CY, the Despotrix reduced to the status of figurehead, and resentment simmers.


Hardby is built around a deep port called Hard Bay, at the foothills of the Abbor-Alz hills. For many, Hardby is the gateway to the south and to the Bright Desert.

In its heyday, Hardby’s claimed land as far north as the Neen River.


Hardby is still ruled in name by the Despotrix Illena Norbelos, though in practicality the town is ruled by Greyhawk’s Directing Oligarchy through Military Governor Wilbrem Carister, the captain of the Hardby Marines.


Hardby is protected by the Mountaineer Militia and by the Hardby Marines, both of which are controlled by the City of Greyhawk. The Marines have six war galleys and a total of 80 men, most of them lawful neutral or lawful evil. The Mountaineers have installed a garrison of about 300 men. Day to day order is maintained by a City Watch.

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