Onnwal, also known as the Free State of Onnwal, or the Obedient State of Onnwal (by The Scarlet Brotherhood), is a political state of the Flanaess.


Modern Onnwal is generally located in the southeastern portion of the Flanaess. A narrow isthmus connects Onnwal to the Iron Hills and Ahlissa on the mainland; it is otherwise surrounded by water on all sides, with the Azure Sea to the south, the Sea of Gearnat to the northwest, and Dunhead Bay to the northeast.

As of 591 CY, the most populous town is Scant (pop. 4,500).


As of 591 CY, the population of Onnwal totaled 85,500 persons, the vast majority (almost 80%) being humans of chiefly Oeridian stock (some Flan tribes remain in the region, but they are not considered citizens and live in the hills, herding animals). Dwarves are the next largest group (9%, mainly hill dwarves), followed by gnomes (5%), halflings (3%), and elves (2%), with various other races making up the remainder of the population.


The most popular deities among Onnwal’s rebels are Osprem, Zilchus, Procan, Norebo, Xerbo, Jascar, and Fortubo. The rulers of the Scarlet Brotherhood seated in Scant worship those deities most associated with the Scarlet Brotherhood.


The most widely-spoken languages in Onnwal include Common, Dwarven, and Gnomish.


Onnwal has historically been a hereditary feudal monarchy, but rule of the state is currently contested. Onnwal is divided into two controlling camps. Agents led by Exalted Sister Kuranyie, of the Scarlet Brotherhood command the fortified port of Scant and the immediate precincts of the city; while this represents less than 10% of the country, Scant is still the primary gateway to the rest of the Flanaess and the Scarlet Brotherhood fleet can use this city as a base to extort levies from sea traffic passing through the Strait of Gearnat. However, the hinterlands of the country are no longer theirs. A movement calling itself “Free Onnwal” has taken control of most of these lands since a general revolt against the Brotherhood invaders was launched in 586 CY, two years after the fall of Sornhill. They have the support of most of the lairdships in the villages outside the capital. These insurgents are led by Lord Jian Destron, son of the deposed and assassinated Szek. His closest adviser is Rakehell Chert, the former leader of the thieves in Scant and now commander of the (ex-thief) guerrillas, The Wreckers. These rebels are strongly allied with Irongate and the surviving states of the Iron League, who support them with goods, weapons, and intelligence.

Large-scale actions are so far unknown in this war of attrition. Small skirmishing groups attempting to gain control of a village or strategic location characterize most of the fighting. Naval conflicts are also common as ships belonging to Free Onnwal try to run the blockade of the Gearnat Straits or make for Nyrond or the Free City of Greyhawk.

•The national capital is (nominally) Scant, and is currently ruled by The Scarlet Brotherhood.
•The capital of Free Onnwal is Sornhill.


Free Onnwal’s coat of arms is blazoned thus: Vert, on a chief embattled or a fret couped sable.


Onnwal is noted for producing platinum, and good quality gems, including pearls.


Onnwal’s standard coinage consists of the platinum sea eagle (pp), gold gull (gp), electrum wader (ep), silver goose (sp), and copper duck (cp).

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