Party Treasure

“All that is gold does not glitter; all that is long does not last; All that is old does not wither; not all that is over is past.”

- J. R. R. Tolkien

When encountering precious jewels as treasure, if the party intends to sell it off, it is immediately added to the value of all gold found. There is no need to sell it off in exchange for gold; it’s implied that the treasure was used to barter for items at shops. An appraise check is used to determine the value of the treasure.

The division of gold between the party is up to the party to decide, you may elect to “split” the loot in whatever way you feel comfortable. The one proviso is that if the player did not attend the gaming session, then that player is not required to receive a share. If a player’s character is utilized during the adventure without the player present, then that character is entitled to a minimum of half-a-share.

Magic Items are to be divided up by the party in anyway they see fit.

*Note that this is a list of treasure acquired, and as such will never be edited, such as when an item is used up, lost or sold.
Adventure Equipment Magic Items Gold Total
The Great Escape Dwarven Scale Mail +1 Warhammer
Ring of Feather Falling
Boots of the Winterlands
Spellbook #1
Sewer Or Later Masterwork Bastard Sword +1 Cold Iron Spear
Spellbook #2 (with small key)
2 Vials Unholy Water
01 pp
115 gp
19 ep
83 sp
157 cp
Beory Statuette (5gp)
Small Platinum Earring (50gp)
Two Beaten Silver Plates with Gold Inlay (35gp each)
Two Pearls (50gp each)
Catch Me, If You Can None 2 Cure Light Wounds Potion
1 Divine Scroll (Magic Stone & Entangle)
Everburning Torch
25 gp
81 sp
128 cp
Carved Bone Figurine (40gp)
1 Silver Pearl (100gp)
If You Should Go Into The Woods Today… Silversheen Dagger
Holly & Mistletoe
Old Children’s Doll
Blank Scroll that radiates magic 20 pp
10 gp
5 Jaspers (100 gp each)
My Brother’s Keeper
Masterwork Spears (Obsidian Head) x2 Talisman Of Understanding Silver Signet Ring (30 gp)
A Human Head
A Goddess In Need
None None 170 gp (mixed currency)
Crude Silver Statuette of Beory (30 gp)
War Crimes
None White Bows Of Tarnedas 212 gp

•Bag Of Holding

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Party Treasure

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