“Snake and Flame”

The Scarlet Brotherhood practices a fierce martial art they call Selinshan, which contains both snake-like motions in honor of the foul Suel goddess Beltar and fiery manifestations mimicking Pyremius, the Murderer. An unheard of amount of torment and degradations are required of initiates in these schools of combat. Advancement to higher ranks within the style requires some form of blood sport, in which competing monks duel to the death for the honor. Some initiates dedicate themselves to one sub-school, either Snake or Flame, but many are now combining the two into a deadly whole.

Practitioners of Selinshan do not avoid weapons out of any philosophical bent, but their skills are often used from concealment or surprise and therefore most of their powers do not take weapons into account.

It is important to note that the Suel did not develop any martial arts themselves, but instead allegedly stole them from the Bakluni during their wars some two millennia ago.

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