The Astral Plane

Cosmology and the Afterlife:

“Not all that have fallen are vanquished; a king may yet be without crown. A blade that was broken be brandished; and towers that were strong may fall down.”

- J. R. R. Tolkien

Greyhawk uses the classic “Great Wheel” cosmology as defined in the Manual of the Planes. After death, the souls of the dead travel to the plane of their deity and become petitioners (The souls of those who die believing in no deity vanish from existence, although it is rumored that a dark power is secretly harvesting these souls for some awful purpose). Upon their death, a mortal creature that served a deity faithfully will reform on the home plane of that deity. If the new petitioner continues to serve its deity, it can be made even more powerful. Most petitioners, however, are content to simply live out their eternity in whatever form their god has chosen for them.

Below is the roster of the campaign dead:

Gideon Bede: Took a leap of faith into the sea. (07/18/15)

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The Astral Plane

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