570 CY
•Iuz is inadvertently freed from imprisonment below Castle Greyhawk by Robilar, and Riggby. After the accidental freeing, good-aligned troops raze Robilar’s estate, driving the fighter into exile.

573 CY
•Scarlet Brotherhood first reported on the Tilvanot Peninsula.

576 CY
•The Savant-Sage completes the Guide to the World of Greyhawk.

578 CY
•Onnwalon ships defeat the vessels of the Pomarji pirate Blidg Fanger near Blue and a squadron of South Province Vessels off Norland Point. Onnwalon ships raid the coasts of the South Province.
•Ivid V dispatches an army of 12,000 into the western Grandwood to deal with insurgency there.
•Chelor III’s force is stopped in northern Idee by the armies of the Iron League. Raids from the Vast Swamp trouble Sunndi’s southern frontier, however Count Hazendel dispatches forces to the defence of Idee. Army from the Iron Hills comes to aid of beleaguered Ideean forces, but a rift develops between King Holgi Hirsute of the Dwur and Count Fedorik Eddri of Idee. Naval skirmishes between Nyrond and the Great Kingdom in Relmor Bay. Leaders of Irongate, Onnwal and the Dwur and Noniz of the Headlands meet in Killdeer and agree to aid Irongate should she be attacked, but will not otherwise become involved in human affairs. Szek Ewerd of Onnwal re-enforces his Marines and doubles the size of his Regular Army and Militia.
•Almor and Nyrond muster their forces for war with the Great Kingdom.

579 CY
•Nyrond and Almor join the Iron League to form the Golden League. The League immediately declares war on the Great Kingdom in response to Imperial aggression in the Adri Forest, Relmor Bay, Idee and Sunndi.

579 CY – 580 CY
•War between the Golden League and the Great Kingdom, concludes with the Great Kingdom seeing off the attacks of the Golden League.

580 CY
•Slavelords reign of terror ended by heroes from states surrounding the Gearnat.

581 CY
•The Plague of the Red Death sweeps the Great Kingdom. Griffith Adarian calls upon the power of the Gem of Rachleach to defeat a force of 300 raiders sent into the Adri by the Great Kingdom.
•Xaene, Ivid’s court-wizard replaced by Karoolck. Ivid proclaims the worship of “Baalzy”. Emasstus Carcosa, Patriarch of Pholtus, denounces Ivid as being insane and allied with fiends and is arrested for treason and subversion and executed. Church of Pholtus is looted and desecrated (except in Ahlissa and Medegia).

582 CY
•Iuz, masquerading as a god named Vatun, incites the Northern Barbarians into war against Stonefist, conquering it quickly. The leader of the Stonefists, Sevvord Redbeard, soon allies himself with Iuz.
•The Duchy of Tenh is conquered by the Fists/Northern Barbarian armies.
•What started as a series of regional conflicts now erupts into the continent-wide battle that eventually becomes the Greyhawk Wars.

583 CY
•Iuz returns to his homeland to restructure his nation and replace Furyondy nobles in his dominion with demons and other fiends.
•The Greyhawk Wars: Nyrond marches against the Stonefists into Nutherwood, Phostwood, but stays close to the borders of their own kingdom. The Stonefists stop Nyrondese advance at Ternsmay. Spidasa, Holy Censor of Medegia refuses to aid Ivid V in the wars, with backing of Krennden, Patriarch of Hextor in Rel Astra and sparking the Iron Schism in the Church of Hextor. Delglath the Undying placed in charge of Rinloru. Ivid V attacks Almor, Nyrond and the Iron League. Ivid’s Aerdi Army marches towards Chathold in Almor, Ivid’s Northern Army enters Adri Forest near Edge Field, Grand Field Force of the South Provence marches into Iron Hills, Glorioles Army crosses the Thelly River and enters Glorioles. Pitchfield, the capital of Sunndi falls to the Glorioles Army.
•The Iron League receives aid secretly from the Scarlet Brotherhood. Later, a coup in the Lordship of the Isles turns the government away from the Iron League to an ally of the Scarlet Brotherhood.
•The Eastern Pact of Alliance is signed in Oldred between Nyrond, Almor, Onnwal, Idee, Irongate, Sunndi, the Lordship of the Isles and the County of Urnst, pledging support against the Great Kingdom.
•The Treaty of Niole Dra is signed by Keoland, the Yeomanry, Gran March, the Duchy of Ulek, the County of Ulek, and Celene, at the behest of Furyondy; while no military assistance was given, the treaty gave a guarantee of no aid to Iuz. The Bandit Kingdoms fall under Iuz’s control, Ket and Tusmit offer alliances, and Perrenland offers only neutrality and use of mercenaries to Iuz.
•The Spindrift elves seize Lendore Island and drive out the humans.
•Turrosh Mak unites the scattered tribes of the Pomarj by promising military victories. Turrosh turns towards the Suss Forest and the Principality of Ulek. Taken by surprise, eastern Ulek is lost. He then swings north to re-invade the Lortmils; a dwarven contingent manages to hold the line at the Battle of Celene Pass, against incredible odds; Turrosh returns to the Pomarj to quell a tribal uprising. Ulek is too weak to counterattack, and Celene closes its borders and withdraws all troops.
Grumpy, the ranger, is captured by Turrosh Mak’s orc raiders; instead of executing him he is sold off to slavers who deliver him to The Calling Mines.

584 CY
•Aerdy’s drive into Nyrond stops at Battle of Innspa. Ivid V assassinated. Nyrond counterattacks Aerdy’s Army of the North (North Provence troops). The North Province, under Herzog Grenell of Naelax, breaks away from the Great Kingdom. Herzog Chelor III of the South Province is executed for his incompetence in the wars and replaced by Reydrich of Naelax. The Great Kingdom of Aerdy fractures into hundreds of petty states. The North Province checks Nyrond’s counterattack.
•Ivid V is reanimated as an animus. He begins a massive purge of real and imagined internal enemies. Ivid V begins “revivification” of general and nobles and assumes command of the Armies of Aerdy.
•The South Province (Ahlissa) declares independence from the Great Kingdom.
•Latmac Ranold is deposed by Prince Frolmar Ingerskatti of Ganode, with the backing of the Scarlet Brotherhood. The Lordship of the Isles withdraws from the Iron League and pledges its allegiance to the Scarlet Brotherhood.
•The Lordship fleet blockades the Tilva Straits, and attacks Gradsul and Irongate in concert with Scarlet Brotherhood vessels. The Scarlet Brotherhood reveals itself by assassinating Szek Ewerd Destron in Scant, and then take Idee and Onnwal in lightning-fast strikes. Lord Mayor Cobb Darg foils the Brotherhood’s attempt to capture Irongate. The Scarlet Brotherhood also beseige Gradsul and invade Keoland, but the Keoish forces repel them.
•As mayor of Sornhill, Rohal Soldas admitted an advance force of Scarlet Brotherhood troops into Duke Relaster’s tower, resulting in the capture of the Duke and most of his immediate family.
Atticus flees Sornhill during the invasion aboard a merchant ship, the ship is soon captured by slavers and all aboard are sold off to The Calling Mines.
•Pact Of Greyhawk: Delegates from battleweary lands gathered in the City of Greyhawk to declare peace, fix borders, and mandate an end to hostilities. Because of the site of the treaty, the great conflicts soon became known as the Greyhawk Wars. Before the signing, the archmage Rary of Ket slew two members of The Circle Of Eight before escaping to the Bright Desert with his cohort, Lord Robilar.

585 CY
•The rebirth of The Circle of Eight was announced in Greyhawk with the joining of three new members.
•Patriarch Lassaren of Zilchus secretly flees from Rauxes to Kalstrand to avoid assassination by Ivid V.
•Aide to Magister Vlent revealed as an agent of the Scarlet Brotherhood.
•In the Great Market of Scant, 34 farmers are burnt by Brotherhood forces in retaliation for rebellious activities.
•The archmage Tenser, thought dead, returns.
•King Archbold III of Nyrond falls ill; it is revealed that his son, Prince Sewarndt, poisoned him. Sewarndt’s coup fails and the prince flees.
•The war to retake Sterich begins, launched from the Keoish city of Flan.
•The Knights of the Hart call for the annexation of Verbobonc and Dyvers by Furyondy.

586 CY
•Grenell of Naelax is crowned Overking of the Kingdom of Northern Aerdy, with his capital at Eastfair. Patriarch Pyrannden of Hextor declares that Ivid V is no longer Overking.
•Senior Scarlet Brotherhood Herdsmen in Onnwal and Idee are assassinated by magical means by Graf Reydrich of the South Province. Reydrich boasts of the eventual destruction of the Scarlet Brotherhood, and is found murdered shortly thereafter by Tyrem, of the Scarlet Brotherhood, creating a power vacuum filled by a military/noble coalition; they rename it the Kingdom of Ahlissa, and despite a number of Scarlet Brotherhood assassins during the winter the nation holds together and takes Idee by the end of the year, although bad weather prevents an invasion of Onnwal.
•Rakehell Chert learns of Sister Kuranyie’s plans for a retaliatory invasion of the countryside of Onnwal for the murders of her lieutenants (in reality done magically by Graf Reydrich) and leads the Brewfest Rebellion in Onnwal, wresting control of most of the country from the Scarlet Brotherhood. Jian Destron formally declared Szek of the Free State of Onnwal in Killdeer.
•In Patchwall, the rebels in Onnwal manage to liberate the countryside and eventually most of the nation except the city of Scant.
•The Scarlet Brotherhood begins blockading the Tilva Strait; only ships of the Lordship of the Isles make it through.
•King Lynwerd of Nyrond reclaims the western portion of Almor. Lordship of the Isles vessels given permission to trade in Gryrax and Nyrond.
•Canon Hazen of Veluna, a priest of Rao, employed the Crook of Rao, a powerful artifact, in a special ceremony that purged the Flanaess of nearly all fiends inhabiting the world; Iuz’s armies fall into chaos. This also clears Almor, and Nyrondese and ex-Almorian forces begin to retake the land. Outsiders summoned by Iuz, Ivid the Undying or other evils fell victim to this magical assault, which became known as the Flight of the Fiends. King Belvor IV of Furyondy quickly joined Canon Hazen in declaring the Great Northern Crusade, to regain lands lost to Iuz during the Greyhawk Wars, thus breaking the Pact of Greyhawk.
•Immediately after the Flight of the Fiends, it was announced in Rauxes, the capital of the Great Kingdom, that Ivid V was no longer Overking, though it was unclear if he had actually died. As nobles and generals fought over the Malachite Throne, the City of Rauxes was engulfed in a strange magical field that prevented approach. Herzog Grenell of the North Province soon declared himself Overking of the Great Kingdom of Northern Aerdy. The following year, Xavener I was also crowned as Overking of the United Kingdom of Ahlissa.
•The Pomarj invades Celene and is stopped dead.
•A visiting dignitary from Kalstrand is successfully robbed by Llelf, a master thief; shortly thereafter, Llelf is captured and sent to The Calling Mines.

587 CY
•Scarlet Brotherhood agents assassinate several members of Ahlissa’s Oligarchy. During secret conferences between surviving Oligarchs of Ahlissa and Prince Xavener in Kalstrand. The United Kingdom of Ahlissa is founded. Xavener of Darmen is crowned Overking in Kalstrand. Prince Reydrich returns and reclaims rulership of the Principality of Ahlissa (on the condition he deals with his Naelax relatives in Ahlissa). Grandwood is declared a Marchland under Ahlissa, to the dismay of the free city of Rel Astra.
•Nyrond declares western Almor, to the Harp River, a Royal Protectorate, angering the new state of Ahlissa.
•Viscount Wilfrick of Verbobonc dies in his sleep; his son, Fenward, suceeds him and manages to immediately alienate the gnomes of the Kron Hills, which declare themselves totally independent; not too long after papers implicating Fenward as a Scarlet Brotherhood spy are found. Although the papers are proven forgeries, Fenward is killed while being arrested.

588 CY
•With the aid of Prince Reydrich of Ahlissa, Overking Xavener survives an attempted assassination attempt by disaffected Naelax nobles. Overking Xavener orders the rebuilding of the Ahlissan fleets at Prymp and Naerie. Raids by the “Idee Volunteers” against Ahlissan forces in the Principality of Naerie.
•End of the Great Northern Crusade. The armies of Furyondy and Veluna had restored the nation as well as part of the old Shield Lands. The destruction and debauchery revealed as Iuz’s agents fled sickened the crusaders. King Belvor IV declared eternal war upon the Old One, pledging to settle for nothing short of the complete destruction of Iuz himself.
•Greyhawk abolishes slavery in all forms.

589 CY
•Sunndi chooses not to join the United Kingdom of Ahlissa. The Kingdom of Sunndi is declared, with Olvenking Hazendel the Defender as its ruler. The Solnor Compact is signed between Rel Astra, Ountsy and Roland.
•King Belvor IV declares a permanent state of warfare between Iuz and Furyondy, but in the following months many army units are disbanded and reconstruction of the despoiled lands are begun.
•A schism in the Scarlet Brotherhood leads to an uprising of junior members in Monmurg; the revolt is quickly put down but sparks revolts by others. Within weeks, the Scarlet Brotherhood only control Port Toli and Monmurg, and the three islands.
•Shortly before their planned marriage, Lady Xenia Sallavarian, engaged to King Lynwerd I of Nyrond, is magically bereft of spirit while in Rel Mord.
•Rel Astra, Ounsty, and Roland sign the Solnor Compact, a mutual defense agreement.
Content Not Found: gideon-bede is commissioned by the Church of St. Cuthbert for a mission of mercy to tour The Calling Mines, while there he discovers that the prisoners there are actually slaves, and is in turn imprisoned by corrupt Ahlissan officials.

590 CY
Elyssia is captured and sold off into slavery; all of her captors ultimately die under mysterious circumstances. By the end of the year, her last master sells her off to The Calling Mines, shortly before dying.
•Innspa joins the United Kingdom. Xavener, expands United Kingdom of Ahlissa north into the old Great Kingdom and meets the southern expansion of Grenell’s southern expansion of the Great Kingdom of Northern Aerdy. Administrative capitals of the Ahlissan Marchlands of the Adri and the Grandwood are moved to Innspa and Torrich respectively.
•Cobb Darg, Lord Mayor of Irongate, officially recognises the Jian Destron and the Free State of Onnwal.
•Sunndi Congress of Lords meets for the first time.
•Keoland sends an expeditionary force south and takes the city of Westkeep from the Scarlet Brotherhood.
•A Rel Astran ship arrives in Hardby, having beaten the Scarlet Brotherhood blockade by sailing around Hepmonaland.
•Ahlissa begins enforcing claims on the Adri Forest and the Grandwood, much to the anger of Rel Astra and Northern Aerdy. The city of Innspa officially joins Ahlissa. Sunndi and Ahlissa begin trade relations.
Darva Breck kills Enid Arrac (her former Master) in self-defense and is sentenced to live out the rest of her life as a prisoner in The Calling Mines.

591 CY
•Dwur miners discover 2 sixteen foot high tablets in Irongate’s immense undercity. Referred to now as the Khul-Ak tableaux they are thought to reveal significant information about the lands surrounding the free city in ancient times. The script has defied all attempts to decipher it. Bigby has referred to the text as “unfathomably alien.”
•The Idee Volunteers launch a series of successful raids against Ahlissan garrisons in the Barony of Monne in Naerie. In retaliation, the Ahlissans seal off the Tomb of the Saint of Idee, leading to widespread protests among the locals and the arrest of the leading dissidents.
•An emmissary of Rary the Traitor appears in Szek Jian’s court demanding custody of Veryanna as repayment for the aid that the Traitor gave Jian in escaping the knives of the Scarlet Brotherhood in 584 CY. Szek Jian refuses.

25th of Ready’’reat
•The PCs successfully escape from The Calling Mines in the United Kingdom of Ahlissa. In the process, they discover an ancient portal to Onnwal.

28th of Ready’’reat
•The PCs discover the lair of Rohal Soldas, and make short work of his army of hobgoblins.

•Over the course of this year, a half dozen vessels are wrecked off the Bright Coast by a mysterious agency.
•Delgath the Undying has grown the undead hordes infesting Rinloru, threatening to break out from the encircled city. Prince Molil enters the Adri with an army, heading for Elversford. His vanguard troops, consisting mainly of humanoid forces, were crushed at Druid’s Well by a quickly assembled force of foresters and adventurers

592 CY
•The Scarlet Brotherhood launches a seaborne attack on the southern Onnwalon port of Longbridge, siezing the town.

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